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Sherpa Airline Carrier, Small

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I have a Sherpa Airline-Approved pet carrier that isn't getting much use so figured I'd try selling it. PETCO is having an online exclusive sale now but they're usually upwards of $60+ in-store.

It's the regular Small carrier; in Red. Here's a photo from the PetCo webpage; mine's the same, brand new, still has the cardboard "Sherpa" logo on the handle and comes with original flyers for info on the Airline program they have.

Above is the exact kind that I have, color & all; and here's PetCo's description of everything so you can know measurements/statistics etc.
The Original Sherpa - Small Dog Carriers and Airline Approved Pet Carrier from

I'm asking $40, shipping INCLUDED if in the USA. Prefer not to ship internationally. I have PayPal.
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These are nice carriers, I have a few of a slightly different style. They work perfect for plane travel.
Ok I hate to do this just a day after posting it. But, this is no longer for sale lol.
I've decided I'm going to donate this to one of the rescues that I'm getting a few dogs from to foster & find homes for. Just found out about it today so it's the least I can do.
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