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she's acting like the word of what "female dog" me

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There are 3 girls that live above us and they have a chi/terrier puppy named Bella. Anyways, Britney hasn't been acting nice at ALL everytime Bella is outside.

Today when i got home from school, bella was chillin outside suntanning and i decided to have britney come out and as soon as she saw her, she would not look at anything else. her eyes were focused JUST on Bella.

Then, Bella got closer and Britney started growling and was ready to bite.

I don't understand why she is acting this way....and the thing about bella is is that she's a little fraidy cat...when i was walking towards her to pet her..she got all nervous like i was gonna beat her down.

Anyways, do you think Britney just feels Competition?
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o boy

:wave: WOW!!! yah that could be a problem you might try holding your dog and have your neighbor hold her dog and let britney and bella smell each others rear-ends :D sounds silly but dogs communicate that way by doing this you have more control so there should be no attacking then just hold the dogs and sit together in the same room by doing this they are close but still being controlled slowly introduce them to each other over a week or two and then try setting them on the floor together to see if they will play but still remain close and in control. :D they should become friendly with time they are probably jealous :wink: best of luck and let us know how things are going
Its probably a territorial thing and of course they are both the same sex in your dogs eyes thats her yard and vice versa. I would do what was stated let them sniff one another on lead. Try to see if you can take them off the premises and walk them together and return to the premises with them together
Yes, I would introduce them to each other slowly, in controlled circumstances. A large part of the problem is probably territorial.

I don't know why some dogs are so nervous and submissive - one of my daughter's mini doxies is like that. She has never been mistreated and never yelled at, but when you approach her she will cower down like she expects you to beat her, sometimes urinating submissively.

Go slowly and hopefully they will grow accustomed to each other and play together.
:wink: Is Britney an only child? is she around other pets? has she been socialized? When we got Smelly (yellow dog on siggy) Stinky (black and white) looked at him like he'd never seen another dog before...after the shock of "his new pet" wore off he realized Smelly was here to stay and turned a bit jealous on like everybody might be territorial specially if you spoil her like we do our dogs..once they meet each other properly and Britney realizes she doesn't really have to share everything..then hopefully things would be better. Try going to a chi meetup if you can. :wink:
Britney is DEFINITELY an only child...we boast over her ALOT and she knows it! The only other dog she socializes with is Chewie, he belongs to my aunt and uncle. We started socializing her with him since the Day my aunt and uncle got him.

As for Bella, when she's outside, none of the girls that live above us are out there :roll: They let her do her own thing and chill out and stuff and actually...I think only one of the girls is the Main owner but I haven't seen her...just her car. :?

So anyways, next time Bella is outside, I'll take Britney out there and let them sniff each other.

Thanks for advice! :D
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