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Here ya go you guys. These are emails to some of the chihuahua breeders in the US and Some foreign countries! Hope you find what you are looking for :)

Moddies can you add this a sticky please! Thank you! :D
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stickied - great link thanks :wave:

how do i know if this is a puppy mill? after reading so much about puppy mills on this site i question now people who breed this much??

WOW! GREAT LINK! Dogwood Gap Kennels in GA is like 45 mins from me!! :) Awesome. *runs off to TRY and talk Mike into another Chi....knows he will say no....* LOL!
Hmmmm...that first link didn't work for me...
The first post is 2 years old,so might have changed by now.
Hello this is fun great site waves to sullysmum
I have been thinking about purchasing form dog wood gap kennels myself! I live in GA so it wouldn't be that bad of a trip
yeah looks like its been removed this was originally posted in 2005 will unsticky this as it no longer seems valid
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