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so I found a new shop today..accidently. I went to a pet supply afte the gym to just get some dried meat and fruitables and a bag of orijen. Well I am wandering around because they have remodeled and I am finding birdies toys and loads of fishy type things and tanks of swimming fishes and I am not seeing the pup foods...signs all over about "pardon us whilst we remodel..etc:

So I ask...and all of the dog and cat thing are moved to another location at RED DOG Pet Resort and Spa Boston.---hmmm

I went over , found Rico's food stuffs. They also carrry wild kangaroo based food from OZ...interesting.

I took a tour of the RED DOG....seems like a decent enough place, physio and water therapy for pups too. Several big dogs in day care play room , a couple of troubled looking bull dogs in mini suites. Expensive grooming.
I was kind of wanting to see what the options were for overnight care. I have a fab dog sitter but she lives a bit far and sometime she mat=y not be able to take him. Just checking otions.

I though that someone here looked into the Cinncinatti Ohio RED DOG for boarding. the name made me think of Deme's Red Dog...

Oh I checked out he Cinncinatti prices comepared to Boston--guess what ??Boston is more expensive. haha always more expensive.

Has anyone used the RED DOG before?? If anyone want to look at it on line let me know what you think...
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