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Should I get another girl or a boy? Hmm......

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Hey everyone! :) Diva is continuing to do well and my fiance and I have been talking about getting another dog, a chi or a chi cross for ms. diva jones. We were thinking of this possibility before we even got her - we were orginally going to get 2 dogs at the same time, but couldn't afford to buy two at the same time, so after she's all better (leg, bladder, etc.) we were thinking of getting a second. Out question is, should we get a boy or a girl? Either way the puppy would be fixed, as is Diva. Does it really make a difference? Would she get along with a specific sex over the other? She is on the submissive side, she is definately NOT a dominate girl at all, but she loves to play with other dogs, especially those that are her size!

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Either would go really, its all down to personal preferance :wave:
I agree with Clare. Diva sounds like she already likes other dogs, so you should be fine either way. I have a boy and a girl and they get along fabulously!
that's great news !!! maybe you could get a boy now :wink: otherwise you might stay curious about boys for ever :D

kisses nat
I'd say look for a boy but get whatever you fall madly in love with.
Get a you can have both...I wish I could get another one... :D
If I could, personally, I'd get another long haired..but a girl...I'd name her Stella after the beer...LOL :D :D I want another baby...LOL


Maybe hubby will read this...LOL :wave:
Well, I think it looks like we'll be on the hunt for a boy, but, of course, I guess it'll really be the personality that strikes us. The fiance really wants a boy dog. He doesn't want another round of "submissive peeing" especially after our vet told us that it is more common in females. I figure, hey, whatever - boy or girl - as long as the personality is great, he's healthy & happy it should be all good. Thanks again everyone who replied.

Angel & Ms. Diva Jones :D
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