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Your boy is a pretty handsome guy. I’m a breeder of AKC show chihuahuas and the best advice I can offer you is to fully evaluate your little man against the AKC breed standard. Here’s a great link with illustrations. AKC, illustrated standard for the chihuahua
While he might have all of his teeth he also needs to have a proper level or scissor bite as well. He would also need to be trained to stack (stand properly). The pictures you posted make it hard to judge whether he’s off show quality (meaning could place or win in a show, any registered dog can be shown). First get a good weight on him from a digital scale. Is he 6 lbs or less or is he 6 lbs 1 oz.? That one oz is disqualifying with a 6+ lb dog.
If you can take a photo of him (from the side, rear and front) on a flat floor or table so that his legs/feet can be seen and pull back his lips to get a photo of his teeth I can give you as good an evaluation as possible judging from pictures.
To be successful in the ring he would also need to be comfortable with being handled by strangers as a judge uses their hands as much as their eyes to judge a dog. Keep in mind that expression and temperament are also judged in the show ring. It’s not all about being pretty. In the future, if your heart is set on a show quality dog, attend several local shows, watch the judging and meet the breeders. Call your local chihuahua parent club (your state club) and ask for references. Keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between “show lines” and “finished/Champion parents” you want to see multiple champions in first generation relatives, older siblings from previous litters, etc.
Whatever he turns out to be I’m sure he’ll always be perfect for you and that’s all that really matters 💕


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