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showing at wales

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hi all iv just been looking through all the shows im going to book into i think i am going to travel up to wales in september for a chihuahua champ show
should be fun i can take ruby just to watch and enter jacob that way she is getting used to the atmosphere and im really looking forward to it im going to try and find a b+b down there that will take dogs should be good a new experiance for me and jacob and a first for ruby
i was just working out when her first show will be and it will be in november so am soooo excited i am taking her for her first vaccination tommorrow.
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Oh wow id love to go watch where in wales is it?
Awww thats brilliant she is going to make a great show girl :lol:
not sure i know its in the south am going to ring tommorrow to get a schedule jacob and ruby are getting on so well its brill tyke loves her patch and rio are a lil jelous but they are always like that at first i found quite a few champ shows to book into so im really excited most of them are just chi shows and they are great fun
do u have a starprint diary? i recommend u get one if u dnt have 1 already they have the entire show list!
I wish there were Chis at the shows here :( GOOD Luck in the ring
im real excited even though its not til september iv got another champ show then hope the dates dont colide dont you get chi shows over where you are ? i never used to be into travling alot in the car but its great fun showing so well worth the long drive i want a camper van now my corsa to small lol!
good luck, jacob is so beautiful and i am sure he will do GREAT in the ring. And i think Ruby will have a lot of fun tagging along!!
Iamafairy said:
do u have a starprint diary? i recommend u get one if u dnt have 1 already they have the entire show list!
Do you???????
good luck with the show be sure to take lots of pics!!!

kisses nat
ni i dont have one of those diarys i just buy the dog show papers or get the shows off of the net most of my schedules get posted to me now automatically iv got two shows this weekend actuly so should be fun
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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