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Showing scoot??

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I am reading this book right now called "How to Show Your Dog and Win" and it is really interesting. I went to a dog show 2 years ago for boston terriers, and i got a bunch of info on Junior Showmanship. ( we were going to get a boston things didnt work out).. and i couldn't show Guinness or nomar.. but now i have scoot.. does anyoen think i could show him?? He is well behaved and walks great on lead... i can post more pics of him this weekend so you can see better.. the only problem is there are no ring classes around here... :? . I was going to show for a breeder near by.. but they didn't return my call i think the number i was given was not correct. any opinions or advice would be great. (i also have a friend that shows and her parents show too so they might be able to help me out) I just don't know if scoot has the right look.. oh and by the way.. his ears are up.. he was sick in those pics.. we didn't know it when they were taken though..
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check out for the breed standard see if he matches up, wed also need to see some good clear pictures, preferably a profile of his entire body and close up as a profile of his head.
ok i can put those up.. this saturday, i don't see him until then..
sorry so long a wait...
hmm i think he matches all the standards..
is it the same dog as in the siggy - as he looks more like a deer head too me than an apple head ? :wave:
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