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Showing small chi's

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As I posted earlier according to the weight chart Cooper will only reach 2 1/2 pounds. I hope he gets to 3 1/2 pounds! I am thinking of showing him, But I have a question for the people who show. Do judges tend to not like the tiny chihuahua's. Because I heard the small ones tend to be looked over?
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hiya glad you are thinking about showing the smal ones have just the same chance if not more jake is 2 1/2 lb and he just qualified for crufts the judges do like chis to be small as that is there standard a show chi can be up to 6 lb but there is no way the judge will over look him just as he is small my jacob is and everyone at the shows love him!
Congradualtions Jacob! I never knew he was soo tiny.
If I want to show him in puppy classes do I have to wait for him to reach 2 pounds? Or do they allow smaller puppies?
they allow smaller pups thats fine just make sure you talk to your chi all the time and make it fun for he/she so she knows its not a scary thing
thats fine i think its brill that more people are getting into showing
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