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ello,i have decided to enter coco into a small fun dog show to help him get more socialized and i was wondering what to expect and what sort of stuff i would have to do?and also coco likes to bark at strangers and i am scared he will do this to the judge?he only does it occasionly and usually when he is home and is fine when i hold him,so does anyone know what sort of stuff we would be expected to do?
thank you
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firstly when he barks i know its so tempting but dont pick him up and comfort him as he will feel that barking is the rite thing to do to protect mummy trust me iv had the same probs with jake the best thing to do is tell him no and not to pet him and it really does work jake started the whole barking then he got snappy and apparently he was protecting me but i took that advice off of some one and it really has worked.

secondly have fun if your nervous then he will be as well its normal to have the nerves a little
you should parctise a little by walking him like hw he will be walked in the show ring even if you take him to your local park and teach him there it works and will give him chance to get used to other surroundings and other people and dogs.

have fun i really hope you and cocoa enjoy it
thank you for your advice vicky!
You must be able to walk him on lead by your side the left side, and must be able to stack him. If you contact a local club in your area you can get handling classes very reasonably priced some people charge 4-10 dollars
hi everyone,i was really proud of coco today,it was a long and hot day and i think he did really well for his first show.i entered him in best puppy,best tail wagger,handsomest dog and dog judge would most like to take home.
coco didnt do very well in best puppy because most of the puppys where older and it was quite proffesional,i had to walk him around the ring which he didnt really like and then put him on the table which he didnt like either but he stood still and let the judge look at his teeth and body and then we had to walk in a triangle and across.but he didnt win anything in that,or best tail wagger or handsomest dog but he did get 6th place and a purple rossete in dog judge would most like to take home!i still think he should have won something in handsomest dog though!the judges mostly chose rescue dogs in the funner catogries as it was orginised by the blue cross so they had brang along a couple that needed homes and entered them so naturally they got the firsts and seconds which i thought was a little unfair but it was a fun day and i will deffinitly be entering coco in more!
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Wonderful you go girl dont let anyone or anything distract you
yay well done glad to hear it was good fun hope you and cocoa had the greatest time
woooohooo! well done lucy! think you did extremely well! should be very proud! i have seen coco in video's and pictures and he is one of my favourites (i have loadzzzz of fav's! :lol: ) and i think he is just gorgous! well done! ;)
thank you everyone!!!!coco feels very proud of his rossete and so do i!i can see now why people love showing!
depends what you mean by tiverton,it probally was the one your thinking of,it was in uploman about 4 miles away from tiverton?
was this the same one?
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