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The day after Christmas, my new mommy, Grandma, and Aunt, came to pick me up, and take me to my new home, I was SOOO nervous at first, Mommy took me home, after a long car ride, and showed me my new house! it was diffrent from my old one! I mostly slept on my new bed, that mommy made up just for me, that night, I slept thier, mommy wanted me to sleep with her, but I was still nervous. after about a week, me and mommy grew quite close! She is my Favorite person in the house,
(she even calls me her son) :D I like that, she named me "shy" because of the reaction I gave when I first met everyone, I am lots more hyper and adjusted now! The other day we took a trip to my new doctor, I didnt like him too much! I even bit him when he poked me with this thing,
(that mommy calls my rabies shot) I dont think I will let her take me back their!! :x the doctor said I weighed 3.3lbs! I am 8mo, now, and I have lots of new friends,
(my favorite is the cat, but I dont think she likes me too much!) thats all for now! I will keep you poasted!
~Love Shy
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