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Sick baby

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My chi Marcus is almost 4 months old and a few hours ago he started having diarrhea with traces of blood in it. Then about an hour ago he started throwing up. I called the vet and he said to give him Pedi-light and bring him in first thing in the morning. I am very concerned and wonder if I should take him to the emergency vet. Help!!!!!
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Personally, I think I would take him in, but I'm paranoid having worked at a vet and knowing about all of the things that can go wrong first hand. If the vet says to take him in in the morning though, and you feel like you can make it that long, I would just keep an eye on him to make sure it doesn't get worse, and then take him.

I am very sorry to hear that your baby is sick :( Keep us updated on how the pup is doing!
Thanks so much I think I am going to go in I am in a state of panic
Yeah, if you are that upset the puppy will pick up on that too, so it may be best to go to the emergency vet. I hope everything is ok.
We just got back and he got an IV and some stuff to stop the vomitting. They are running a fecal sample and I will get the results when I go in tomorrow. :? He is sleeping right now and I am going to try. Thanks for the advice I will keep you posted :sad4:
Wow... you've had a fun evening.

How's the pup doing now? I hope he's okay; I know it's even more exhausting for you than it is him.

Did they have any ideas as to what could be wrong?
Looking at the time of your post you certainly had a long night. I do hope he's ok. Keep us posted!
He is feeling a little better today. He woke up and was playing but then goes back to sleep. We are going back to the vet in an hour. He wants to eat but not drink. He is definitely acting better. :D I will keep everybody posted. My heart has started beating normaly again. :lol:
Let us know what the vet says. Hope he continues to feel better.

I just went through 5 days of diarrhea with Jazzy, so I know how worried you get. She didn't have the blood in her stools though - that would have really sent me off the deep end...
Goodness... I am glad he is feeling a little better. I hope everything turns out ok with the results and that he is all better very soon.
Hi everyone,
We just got back from the vet and all the tests came back negative. The vet said that he might have ingested something or has some kind of infection. He is on some antibiotics just in case. He is still tired but I think he will be fine. Thanks for all the concern! :)
I'm so glad he's feeling better. Always better to be safe than sorry. You'd never have forgiven yourself if it had been something serious and you hadn't taken him in. Good mommy. :wave:
:thumbleft: :D SO GLAD HE IS OKAY.
That's good news - sure glad he is feeling better. Maybe mommy can get some rest tonight too. :)
I am glad he is feeling better and that it was not anything real serious :wave:
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