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sick of KC yet? LOL :D

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shes not much of a model right now lmao. everytime i tried puttin a collar on her she fell asleep~

pink belly! (yesterdays shot)

off to see daddy~

KC eats right out of her bag

back home~




play wif me~~ T.T


oy vey...

i'll get you tail!

pig ear~!
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No way! I could never get sick of that adorable face. She is so cute. She looks like she's already adjusted and has so much personality. I don't see an ounce of nervousness in those facial expressions. She looks even happier now with you than she did in the pictures when she was still with her breeder. It's like she was waiting the 8 weeks too to get to her forever home!
Agreed, no such thing as too many pics where KC is concerned. She is gorgeous, and I love her tummy soooo much. How is Dexter taking it all?
No way could I ever get tired of seeing puppy pics! Looks like she is doing awesome! How is dexter with her?
I love seeing her pictures. She is such a sweet heart.
Never!! Thanks for posting so many, I love seeing them all! How are her and Dexter getting along now?! :)
Nope can't get tired of seeing pics.

Puppy pictures are the best, of course I love pictures of all dogs.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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