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Jolie and Boomer are not feeling so good this evening because both of them got a puppy shot today. They both have sore little hineys and as gentle as i've tried to be when picking them up, Boomer still yalped in pain when i handled him awhile ago. They both have the shivers and look so sad. I feel just horrible because Jolie is avoiding me, (she's been upset with me because i held her when the vet tech gave her the shot) Note to self: Next time make the hubby hold her...

I gave them both baby aspirin but unlike last time, they don't act like it helps. Sigh...i hope they feel better tomorrow. :cry:
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Poor little munchkins. :( I bet they'll be back to their silly selves after a good night's sleep.

I always insist upon holding Lily whenever possible when we're at the vet's. I think it makes her feel more secure and relaxed because she really doesn't like being held by other people. I never got the feeling she held it against me. :)

Gentle head smooches from me and Lily. :)
Did they give them the shots in the muscle? I had a vet tdo that once to my older Chi and she was sore for THREE DAYS. Never again. The vet I have now gives it to them under the skin. It's MUCH less painful.

If they are panting and shaking and really acting weird I would call the vet. My Chi also had an allergic reaction to the shot (does not happen with the first shot they get but can happen with any shot from the second one on). She needed to get put on Benedryl and that particular shot had to be avoided after that.
Poor babies I hope they feel better tomorrow :( Auggie was only sore for about a day
Bella sends gentle hugs to your two babies...hopefully they will be much better by tomorrow.
Poor little ones. I hope they get better fast. It's sad to think they are in pain. My vet gives the shots under the skin too. Hershey didn't seem to get sore at all.
Was it the rabies one? My vet told me to rub the spot as much as possible to untighten the muscles. I did as she said and although Seiah was sore he was sore for only a day and didn't yelp once.
Thanks girls! Both of them are back to normal this morning. Boomer was a little sluggish and acted like his hiney hurt where he got the shot but Jolie just plain acted sick. She was better around midnight last night and this morning all is well! :D

Jolie is done with her shots until the Rabies shot, but that won't be for awhile. Boomer still has 1 more. :)
I just saw this and was about to ask how they're doing today... I'm glad they're back to "normal"... whatever that means in your house. :lol:

Give them both big hugs and kisses from me!!
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