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I just had to vent because I had to leave my families Papillon at the vet for observation today.
I took care of Sammie for the first 3 months we had him. He was very sick and almost died twice. The vets finally figured out a way to get him to eat and about 10 days of me feeding him every 3hrs he pulled through.
He has always had stomach problems but nothing serious. Well this past week he has been throwing up and about 2 days ago started having diahreah.
I took him into work so they could check him blood tests and such. Everything checked fine. The doc wanted to do some belly films to rule out a possible obstruction. We found what appears to be a mass on the films :shock: :( I saw them first since I was the one who developed them, but thought maybe it was nothing. The doc came in and was staring at them...then pointed to the mass and said "I dont like that....that isnt normal".
Basically it can be a couple could be that his stomach is just very inflamed and he has IBD (irritable boul desease), it could be an obstruction that needs surgery, or it could be a tumor....either way I am extremely worried about him. I feel like I have been through the ringer with Sam and that we finally got him feeling better and now this is thrown at us. They are keeping Sam overnight and are re-shooting belly films at midnight to see if there is any change. He is on fluids and is getting nothing orally. If he continues to throw up with fluids they will have to do an exploratory surgery to rule out an obstruction. Even if they dont find anything they will still do a biapsy to test for IBD or anything else.
I was crying at the office...I just had this sinking feeling it wasnt going to be good. I really didnt want to leave him but I know he is in the best hands and that the ER doc on tonight is the best one to have for his case.
I just hope it isnt serious...I would be devistated if he has serious health problems.
I just had to vent about today...was just way too emotional for me. Sammy might as well be my dog...I love him as much as I love my chi girls.
Please keep him in your prayers tonight!
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Sammy is in my prayers.. Vent away thats what we are here for :) keep us posted
Definitely holding good thoughts for the sweet boy. Do keep us updated.
Sammy is just adorable! I love Papillons. They remeind me so much of a long-haired Chi. I will keep Sammy in our thoughts and hope he is well soon! :)
Definitely will be remembering Sammy in prayers. He is really beautiful.
I will certainly be praying and watching for your updates!
My heart goes out to you & your darling beautiful Sammy and I sincerely pray he will make a full & speedy recovery. :angel12:
Sammy is such a dear little guy, I will be keeping you and him in my thoughts..I do hope its nothing serious and that he returns to full health.. :)
so sorry to hear about that cutie pie! i never seen a papillon with those colrs, very handsome...

i hate IBD. my pointer was plaqued with it and it sucks. i'll be praying for his full recovery from whatever is ailing him, and i will aslo be praying he doesn't have irritable bowel disease :(
Aww I'm sorry Sammy is not well. Sending postive thoughts and prayers for the little guy.
Thanx all!
They called to let me know that so far he is fine. He hasent thrown up on the fluids and had a normal stool. The big test will be the x-rays at midnight...whether that mass is gone or not.

He is a rare color for a pap...actually his color is a fault in the breed...he should have a black nose, black outline to the mouth, and dark brown eyes, instead he has the liver nose, mouth and liver eyes....his color is what attracted me to him (since I bought him for the family :wink: )

Lets just hope I dont get a phone call at midnight saying he needs surgery...or maybe that would be better....I dont know at this point. I just want him to be better and for them to fix whatever is going on.

Tequila will miss playing with him tomorrow. My girls normally go to my moms when I am working and Tequila just loves Sammy. My mom called and said it was very odd not having Sammy there to greet her when she came home. Hopfully its just for tonight.

Thanx again.
i hope it's nothing to worry about ...he's such a cutie .......!!

kisses nat
He's a beautiful little man, I hope things turn out ok, keep us updated..
Sending well wishes to Sammy....we will keep him in our prayers.
awww jess Im so sorry you always seem to have such a tough time with your dogs - b ut they always pull through in the end I will keep sammy in my thoughts - please keep us posted :wave:
Well its 6am and I am getting ready for work.
They called me at midnight to let me know they did the x-ray and all that stuff in his stomach did there isnt a blockage...but his stomach is still pretty inflamed and that isnt normal. I think they are still going to do treatments on him today...maybe do an ultrasound to rule out the mass.
I will be there though and I think they will let me do treatments on him, since he is my families dog (unless u cant handle it they often let you do treatments on your own causes the least amount of stress on the dog when they know their caretaker)

Thanx again for all the positive vibes! He always seems to be sick and it breaks my heart.

So far though things seem to be going well.
Brilliant! Im so pleased. Please keep us posted. Hes a lovely little boy.*hugs*
Positive thoughts to Sammy I hope he is completely recovered very soon :wave:
Poor little guy, my heart goes out to him. I feel just awful for him, for you and for your family. I pray he makes a complete recovery. He's such a sweet looking boy and he shouldn't have to go through this. :cry:
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