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I grabbed my doggy first aid book when I read your post. What happened to your pup sounds a lot like what happened to Cooper when he had a hypoglycemic episode a few weeks back, but he was out in 105 degree heat and hadn't eaten all day when his occurred.

Briefly, this is what the book says:

Seizures can happen at any age. Injury to the brain short-circuits the nromal activity of the nerves, so the pet loses control of his body. Brain injury can happen from a thump on the head, low blood sugar or low blood calcium, poisons, or kidney/liver problems. First aid can help your pet recover from a seizure, but for a first-time seizure, you'll want your vet to examine your pet the same day, if possible. If seizures last more than 5 minutes, take him to the vet immediately.

Things to do during a seizure:
Keep him cool. Seizures burn calories and a pet can overheat.
Reduce stimulation. Outside noises or sights can prolong a seizure. Don't talk to or touch your pet during the seizure except to move him to safety. Dim lights, turn off any TVs or radios and cover your pet with a sheet to shut out outside stimulation, then wait for him to come out of the seizure.
Give him Karo syrup or honey, rubbing them on the gums.

Follow up care:
If the seizure is short and it was the pet's first, your vet may not prescribe drug therapy... then they go on to describe what meds can be given to dogs with epileptic seizures.

I agree with Rachael... I would take your pup to the vet and insist on at least a blood draw. OR take him to the emergency vet, if you have one in your area and since it's a long weekend - in the states at least.
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