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<sigh> dog food dilema

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i'm still searching for a good brand of food for mina. i don't want to keep changing her food. i tried to give her canidae, and it made her constipated and then i gave her nutro and that also seems too rich. i tried chicken soup for the dog lover's soul and she doesn't like that very much. i do know she's allergic to corn because when i gave her beneful, she kept scratching. i don't want an expesive brand but one of a very resonable price. any ideas?
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Have you tried Roayal Canin? Thats what I give Seiah, and at nights I mix it with Eukanuba wet food.
I feed Royal Canin also. I look at it this way-some of these foods are more expensive, but if you read the labels and compare what is in them and nutrients contained, as well as advised quantities to give, the more costly brands sometimes end up costing the same or less in the long run, because you usually need to feed less. Plus you are giving them good quality food without a lot of additives or by-products.
I agree with chimom. You end up spending less in the long run by buying a good food. Besides, our dogs are little. One bag lasts a long time so it's not a big deal if it costs $5 more than Wal-Mart food.
I feed Tader Purina One {which has made his fur come back on his butt nicely} He used to eat Kibbles n Bits till he refused to eat it one day. I know I sometimes have a hard time with spending money on expensive brand pet food my cat eats the winn dixie brand food $1.00 for a 4 lb bag. Tader on the other hand says forget it he aint eating that cheap. Good luck with your food delima. Keep us posted on what food you decide to use.
I have bee using the Pro-Plan. It is good food and cost about 8bucks for a 8lb bag. I know the Royal Canin is good food, but it is very expensive to feed three Chi's on Royal Canin. And, it only comes in a 3lb bag. :(

I just bought a bag of royal canin. I still have some of the science diet and I mixed the 2 foods together... well, the rc is gone out of the dish but the sd is still sitting there... gee and i thought he liked the science diet.. NOT any more... he prefers the royal canin... and it is a litle more then the science diet is but he wil eat it. where he stopped eating the science diet..
Sounds like it's time to get a bag of Royal Canine. I have personally never used the food, but from what I hear it is THE BEST out there.
It would cost me $30.00 for 8lbs of Royal Canin..... :shock: I'm hoping that it will eventually come down in price. Also, they always seem to be out of it at the PetsMart I go to.
I paid $8.00 for a 3 pound bag.... but I think it is worth it... I really want to feed Gadget healthy food that he likes...
It is $13.00 for a 3lb bag here... :shock:
Royal Canin is $12.49 before tax for a 3# bag here at PetsMart. Tucker only eats 1/2-3/4 cup a day, so it will last a good while. :) I bought an extra bag the other day to have on hand, so that when we run out of the one we're working on, we won't have to worry if the store is temporarily out-of-stock.

My Labrador's (Molly) food is only about $23 for a 40# bag at the feed store.

My cat, Jolie' (AKA Puddin' Head), eats Iam's Hairball Remedy, which runs a bit over $13 for an 8# bag at Wal-Mart. (This is the only food that keeps her BMs from being loose, so that is why I buy it). :oops:
OUCH! that's a bit pricey for me. doesn't purina one have like corn as a main ingredient? i know it's not good but what's the first ingredients do people look at when buying food?
I did a TON of research on dog food when I got Oliver. I found several that I liked but the one he is eating the best that I really feel good about is: EVO by Innova[%40id='1246']

I like the natural ingredients it has.

Look at Innova's Ingredients:



Chicken Meal





Alfalfa Sprouts


Cottage Cheese



But that Royal Canine I think many of you mentioned was another one that looks great to me. Just for me personally, a lot of vets seems to steer toward Science Diet and I know IAMS is popular too - and while they are probably very good - I think there is even better foods available. I also didn't care that EVO costs a little more. Oliver eats so little, a big bag lasts forever. I often say I wish I could eat that inexpensively per day even though by dog food measures, EVO is not cheap.
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I also LOVE this website - it allows you to compare one food to another - where the ingredients come up side by side and you can really see what you are buying etc.

I noticed when I was doing research so many foods - especially ones you can buy at the grocery store are just full of fillers and non-needed stuff. I think especially chihuahua's need to be on a good protein diet with not too much starchy stuff which should help their hypoglycemia too I would think - akin to a person with diabetes etc. I also learned that if a dog's food has too many ingredients with the word meal in it turkey "meal" - chicken "meal" etc. I was told that translates to parts of the turkey or chicken you and I would never touch.

Anyway - you might like this site for a comparison of foods.
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