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signs of giving birth...

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What are some of the signs to know when my pregnant chi will be going into labor? i cant find any sights to figure out what to look for. We dont want to leave her and she has the puppies while we are gone, so if any of you can help, please do so. Thank you... emily
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How many days pregnant is she ? have you not brought a book on breeding and pregnancy that you can refer to ? I agree you need to ring your vet - have you bred before ? do you know what to do ? :wave:
Please give us more information because this is not looking good. I don't wish to be mean but why did you breed your dog if you don't know what you're doing? :?
my thoughts exactly......

usually the milk drops into the teets, their temperature drops....... uuummm that's all my brain can conjure up.

call your vet and look into getting a few books. they will help for when that day comes and it will also help for when
the pups pose questions for you too... ya never can be too knowledgable about things.
I have never bred a dog but have become good friends with Bella's breeder.....she often mentions thing's like....appetite dropping starting to make a " nest " I hope you have read some good books and are on alert for things that can and do go wrong very quickly !! If you know any breeders, ask them for advice and see if one of them can be with you for the delivery....chi's are very small and often seem to need assistance with the delivery. Also remind your vet of the due date, so they can be on the ready for any emergency that could arise.
any update ? :wave:
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