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Sissy's Photo Dump (Nikon D3100)

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Sissy photo dump.
Okay. So I recently got a new camera a Nikon D3100! My first SLR so I had to take many pictures of sissy with it so here is Sissy's photo dump.
Sissy with Figment

This has to be my favorite picture I took:

and one more

(I'm still playing around with the camera a bit w/ b&w and softened background).

If you want to see more of my pictures with the Nikon D3100 here is my photobucket album

Sissy's Album
Fall 2011 Album
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Nice photos, and what a lovely model! I have been thinking about getting a D3100. I'd like to upgrade to a digital SLR, and I was told it's an excellent camera for folks new to DSLRs. How do you like it, so far?
I totally 100% love it. It is easy for first timers with advance shooting with the guide. it tells you step by step on how to get sport actions (or doggy runs probably), the blur effect, running water effect. Probably does a whole lot more lol. I am just starting to get into photography but i love it.

(I totally love the blur effect (where you have an object in focus and the rest of the background is blurred)... I took this photo like 20 minutes after i took the camera out of the box and charged the battery: So lets say 2 hrs... But it was like my 3rd or 4th shot after regular auto ones: D3100/DSC_0043.jpg)

If you want to see more picture quality shots, you can go to Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing and search by camera (Nikon D3100) it's amazing!!!

The only negative side of the camera that I see is the battery life but you could probably purchase an extendable battery as back up. :) (Thank goodness santa is coming. ;) ) but even with the battery it does last like a day after playing w/ it for about 3-4 hours. lol.

I would definitely say its worth the money.
i bought it from best buy because it was on sale w/ a bundle. i bought the red version because the black looks a bit ugly. the red gives it flare. If you have a best buy around you they probably will have model out for you to play with. :)

but i love it... i did research for over a month with other cameras: nikon/pentax/canon and I love nikon the best. :). Best Beginner camera in my opinion.

if you have any questions please feel free to ask... :)
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LOVE the second shot! Sissy is like "Are YOU looking at ME?!" :lol:

Oh and I'm very happy for you! Not jealous at all :(
My camera broke last week, I'm borrowing my brother's...wish I had one to call my own, sniff sniff...:crybaby:
They are so clear, I am suppose to be getting new one for Christmas not sure what one.
Wow Sissy is just stunning!! Not that I'm bias to the color & coat pattern or anything... ;)

Neat camera too. I love photography; but just end up making the best wish my little cheapo.. uhh.. (okay that's how non fancy the brand is, can't even think of it when it's not in front of me.) Some kind of HP... it's terrible in low-light situations and I just hate using flashes. After seeing this I think I may have to play around with a Nik' on display at a store and see if I like it's feel... haha. Thank you for sharing!!
Nice quality pics and Sissy is just adorable!! Now I want one! :-D
Omg that 2nd shot of Sissy killed me! lol So darn cute! Like Hey whatcha doin!!! lol
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