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Site different

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I logged in this morning and the site looks very different. It also at bottom lets you know which members are on and how many guests are there. am I crazy? or did this change over nite. By the way Hello every one. :wave:

It looks fab.
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nothing seems different to me???

kisses nat

maybe yesterday you weren't logged in yet ??

kisses nat

Well not really different but more organized, and seperated and I definately could not tell who was signed into the site yesterday. Since I have joinned I am on everyday-allday, not goofing mind U but trying to catch up from the beginning. :shock:

There is so much information here, I am addicted, thanks for the reply :blob8: And for everyones help, direction and comments, I am trying to set up my photo album and I have changed my profile name from 8batch to Lynn-my everyday handle.

Well I tried to change it but no potato. :roll: Until I can figure it out, my name is Lynn, 8batch is my last litter count.
:wink: No difference at all. Maybe you clicked on the VIEW LAST POSTS or the VIEW YOUR POSTS link..that makes the board show you nothing but the threads, no members, no nothing..and they're all bunched up together :wink:
same here too no changes - :)
no changes?

I am confused what happend to new puppies there was a place that when a dog had or was expecting a litter we could post .Maybe we could have a nursery added to post there lol
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