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the forehead.

I've been looking every where for these like resin cyrstal hearts that I use on some of my dog outfits. I found some on ebay but they are wanting 15 for $5.00 and I know I paid less than that. But I can no longer find them them at the store I bought them at. :foxes15:

So I've been fustrated and feeling like I'm about to go nuts. :tongue3:

Than it hit me while I'm sitting here I have some resin heart molds. So checked them out and their about the size I'm wanting. The best part is I can make them to make them to match the outfit, put fabric in them, glitter, sequins, and even candy. :toothy7:

So I'm gonna start making some and see how they turned out. Hopefully I can find my rotary tool that hubby used.
goodluck!!! :D hehe dont slap urself it hurts :lol: i always see resin moldins on ebay lol~
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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