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Is it normal for a chi to sleep all day when home alone? For those of you who use pens/crates when your chis are alone, do you put them near the window? Do they play or eat while you're gone, or just snooze?

I recently moved my chi's play pen away from the window because when it was near the front window, whenever I got home, no matter what time it was, I could see his little head poking up to look out, and hear him barking at the car in the driveway while standing on his tippy toes to peer out the window, and when I came inside he'd have a barking/whining/crying frenzy. I was scared he was so anxious, and worried he was having a freak-out whenever someone walked by, so I moved his pen a few feet away into the corner (he usually barks when he sees people walk by when we're home, too). I thought maybe he wouldn't feel like he had to 'guard' the window if he couldn't see it, but part of me feels bad for him, like he might be bored all alone in a windowless pen all day.

I'm trying to minimize barking because we're moving into an apartment building with close-by neighbors in a few weeks, so I left my webcam on the past couple of days to see what he does when we're gone. He stares at us and whines in the pen when we're getting ready to go, but as soon as we leave, he crawls into the back of his cave-bed and sleeps until we get home. He only barks/whines when someone opens the door and comes inside the house, or if we put him in the pen when we're home. I leave his favorite toys and a bully in there, and the radio on softly, but as soon as we're gone, he just sleeps (he doesn't even chew the bully!). When we get home, he takes his toys and bully outside of the pen and has fun with them, but when we're gone, he doesn't play at all. Is this normal?

Also does anyone have any tips about moving to a new house/apartment with your chi? Have you had any problems with anxiety and teaching new potty places, etc in new living spaces? I ordered some rescue remedy and DAP spray in case he gets super nervous. Does anyone know if you can use both together?

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