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Sleeping Too Much?????

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I am a little concerned - Jasmine is 7 mo. old, and has always been very active. She was 8 wks old when I got her, and for a month or so she slept an awful lot during the day. When I mentioned it to my vet, she said it was normal for a pup that age. And as she got older, she did sleep less during the daytime. But for the past week, she has begun to sleep an awful lot during the day again-even more so than when she was a small pup.

It has been an awful long time since I have had a young pup-my last two chis were rescues and 2 to 3 years old when I got them. Is it normal for a 7 mo old chi to sleep so much? My 12 yr old chi who passed away last year slept most of the time, but she was older and in very poor health.

I don't want to be one of those obsessive moms who worries over every little detail, but this has me a little concerned. When she is awake, she is active and playful and seems to feel fine and she eats normally. She doesn't eat a lot, but she has always been a light eater. I thought maybe she wasn't getting enough nutrients and have been giving her nutrical and putting a little karo in her water.

I know some of you must have chis around this age and I would really like your input on this. Thanks.

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Hi there, Ritz is about 8 months and plays like heck when awake, and sleeps/rests probably 12-14 hours of the day. You will find that they get accustomed to sleeping/resting for longer hours if they are left home alone while you're at work, etc. You probably don't need to add Karo to his water if he's eating regularly, but it wouldn't hurt to check his gum color (pink = good, gray = bad) and press on his gums, and count the time it takes for the color to return (>2 seconds = bad) while he's asleep or if he looks lethargic. Those are things you can do to relieve your paranoia. If he's normal otherwise, I wouldn't be too concerned! He could just be "mellowing" out!

P.S. If you are putting Karo or Nutrical in the water, be sure to clean the bowl shortly after drinking, adding sugars to water in an open environment creates a HUGE breeding ground for bacteria (from the air, the bowl, and your chi's mouth), and you won't want your chi to be drinking that =) It's this same reason we keep NaCl/Dex IV fluids in the fridge at the hospital, you wouldn't believe how much bacteria grows in a 5 minute period when water with sugar are in a non-sterile environment.
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Thanks, Nate. I figured I was probably over reacting, but better safe than sorry! I am home with Jasmine all day as I retired about a year ago-think I am the "old mother hubbard" on this forum!! :lol:

Thanks for the tip about the karo in water. I would never have thought about bacteria in the water. I actually only did this a couple of times, and I always wash her water bowl daily. Won't put Karo in there again though-don't want to take the chance. I actually don't think she really needs it anyway. She seems fine other than sleeping a lot-guess I should be glad for that cause at least she is not velcroed to me when she is asleep. :lol:

Will check gum color today. Hope you are having a great weekend!
It is not at all unusual for a Chi to sleep 18 out of a 24hour day. Especially when they are young. :)
Forgot to mention, if you want to use Karo effectively and quickly, the fastest way is just to smear it on their gums, they will ingest some and also absorb some through their mucus membranes right into their bloodstream. Adding it to water requires them to actually drink it and also dilutes it, reducing effectiveness.

It's extremely difficult to "overdose" or make a dog hyperglycemic, and the effects require chronic ingestion (beyond just being hyper) and are rare - blood bacterial infections due to high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. If you ever feel like your dog is lethargic it won't hurt at all to give them a little Karo and put yourself at ease.
Thanks folks. Just being a paranoid mom I guess. I have continued to give her a little nutrical a couple of times a day, as she is really not eating up to par. She loves it, and will just lick it right off my finger.

BTW, Nate, I did check her gums this weekend as you suggested, and they look fine.

It is so nice to have the folks on this forum for questions, etc.-thought I knew quite a bit about chis when I joined, but am learning more and more every day on here.
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