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Hello everyone,

How long does your chi is a sleep in de day and does he or she sleeping the whoñe night?

Jack en nino sleep a lot at day and at night there are very early waking up i think at 7 a clock.

greets Me and mine boy,s :wave: :lol:
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Yeah they love to sleep but make sure they get lots of exercise I think they are prone to laziness :?

Mine sleep thru the night when they arent barking at "noises" or digging a hole to the center of the earth :lol: in their crates :roll:
mine sleeps a lot. she is 5 months old and lazy!!! she prefers to be lounging and cuddling and sleeping rather than palying. but when she does finally get up to play she plays hard so i think she tires herself out.
mine sleep during the day a few times .and when i get home at 5.30pm they stay awake...until we go to bed at 10pm ...they sleep with me during the night ...and only wake up to go to their potty pad. around 7am they are awake...that's the time i have to get up too :D but in the weekends they sometimes stay in bed with me until 10am :D

kisses nat
mm okay

Ok the get enough exercise hihi always when we get home starts the puppy races hihi en they wanna play till eleven a clock then they wanna sleep on the couch when i am watching the tv. :p
Chico sleeps some during the day, and will always stay asleep the whole night. When I first got him, I cleaned out a little closet in my bedroom and turned it into a little room for him and put a gate up, and he was always up at 6am whining, so eventually we just let him sleep in the bed with us every night and now he wont sleep at night unless he's in the He's like a little mole because he burrows under the blankets and cuddles. I love having a Chihuahua. :D
Peanut is very big on sleeping. If he is on me he will probably be sleeping and he does sleep for a few hours during the day. He doesnt really have a sleeping patter at night though. Sometimes he will fall asleep right away and other times he will just want to play for hours, this usually happens when I am REALLY tired :)
Gizmo sleep from 10:30 or 11 pm until 6:30 am...eats, goes potty, then back to bed until I wake up at 9....then he plays until 11, sleeps for about 2 hours...and is going and going and going until about 9, sleeps until I take him out's in and out though...

Lately he wants to sleep less, but if he goes to his playpen he will sleep until I get up...or he has to pee...
My Snuffy usually takes naps, then will wake up to go to the bathroom outside (sometimes :roll: ) then runs and plays and falls back asleep. She'll usually sleep with me all through the night...and I sleep in most of the time. But some nights she'll have so much energy and won't fall asleep and wakes me up at 3 AM by licking my ears and nose..I usually put her in her crate those nights :p
Gadget used to sleep most of the time when he was tiny(3 weeks) and as he got older he would stay awake more...

he hears the alarm go off at 5:40 am and he bounces up off the bed and he is ready to go... he then comes back to bed after we wake up Amanda and he snoozes for a while then he is up bouncing of the walls when Mark's alarm goes off at 7:15 am and then after everybody goes to work he goes back to bed with me for a couple hours then we get up and he goes into the livingroom and sleeps on the couch for a few hours... then about 1pm he is ready to bounce of the walls for a few hours then when Mark gets home about 5:30pm he is ready to love his dad and go snuggle with him... He usually naps off and on through out the evening.. when he isn't napping in the evening he is pulling all his toys and blankets onto the bed from his bed(that he hasn't slept in since MArk gave him his own pillow on our bed... see, their thing is to go in the bedroom and lye there and watch tv in the evenings... I go in there between 8 and 9pm and then Gadget jumps up on my chest and that is the end of him... he lyes there until he gets enough love from mom and then he will get on his pillow usually about 1pm and then he is off to snoozeville..

he isn't poiled rotten he is well spoiled...
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KB mamma said:
Mine sleep thru the night when they arent barking at "noises" or digging a hole to the center of the earth :lol: in their crates :roll:
My boys are the same way! :lol: Does anyone know why they do the digging thing? It is pretty funny!
Mylo sleeps a lot too. He starts napping at 7p.m and around 9, I put him in his crate. When my bf gets home around mindnight he plays with him for about an hour and the he sleeps in his crate (i think) all night till he hears me walking around in the morning.
Roxy won't go to bed until I do usually around 10 pm then she does not like to get up before 9 am. She sleeps most of the day as well. Unless we are out running around then she to busy looking for other dogs walking down the side of the raod so she can bark at them.
My three wont go to sleep unless I am going to sleep.
Its so odd...if i want to relax on the couch and watch TV they curl up right next to me and nap...if I get up and am active they are up and running around.
As soon as I turn my lights off for the night Tequila jumps into my bed and Kylie and Ginger go into their bed. They sleep until I wake day I slept in until noon and they did not get up or mess in the house. They were starting to stir at that time...but what good girls to let mommy sleep
They get plently of exersice too....they go for a half hour walk in the morning and in the evening.
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