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sleepy pups

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Everyone post pics of your pups sleeping :!: i love watching austin sleep heres austins sleepy pictures :D
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hmm i have loads of vids of deano being sleepy but they are bigger than 5KB. :(
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i dont' have chiwi sleeping, but here's one of jumba with his brothers and sisters (jumba is the light blue brindle fat one lol)
This just the best ! All of these beautiful sleepy chi's....great idea !
Aww, all of those doggys are so cute sleeping!! Bella is such a sweetheart!!!!

Here is Cooper :sleepy2:

woops hee hee, forgot to add the picture :roll:
That pic of cooper is just too much !!! He looks like he sporting a little thin mustache...he must be dreaming of being the new lead singer for INXS LOL
i have an entire gallery of sleeping chi's but i have to resize and i dont' have time tonight... sorry :cry: i will get them on tomorrow i promise!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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