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Smoothcoat Bitch Pup available :)

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Hi everyone!
Well I picked up my new baby yesterday afternoon and we have called her Biba, she is absolutely adorable.
The breeder is in Oxfordshire and has not even advertised the other girl yet, so if anybody wants her details, just pm me. She is ready to go now :)
She is the girl on the right, (the one under mums chin is my Biba!) :)
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Awww she's so pretty, I wish I could get another one right now! lol.

I'm sure she'll get a good home, she looks beautiful.
Hi Camilla, she is asking £600, which I think is a very fair price for a chi bitch.

They are not KC registered, but mum and dad are available to be seen, and also, they have a pup from a previous litter that they have kept, who is just gorgeous, size and temperament wise, so I was very pleased to get a pup from them.

The pup that is available is 1lb 3oz now, and they were both vet checked last week and given the all clear to leave mum, as both were in excellent health :)
That's a good price, I got my Lexi for £600 too.
Not KC Reg'd but she is definitely full pedigree. I was lucky to get her parents 5 Generation Pedigree Papers too.

I would snap her up in a second, but I've got to be sensible and raise Lexi first hehe :wink:
that is a very good price especially for a girl,i paid £650 for coco a little over a month ago when he was 5 months old.
i would like her but im not sure if coco would!
i got deano for £240, but i still know that £600 is a good reasonable price! It's actually my sister who wants to buy one so i will show my sister and see what she thinks. :)
I wish this lil girl could be mine. But others will think of me as greedy
Hi..I am interested in getting a smooth coat chi puppy. They look smooth coat, are they?
Thanks :wave:
hmm just read your huge heading saying smoothcoat.. :oops:
is she still available? How old is she? Which city is the breeder based from? Soz again
yes! definitely smoothcoat.
As the thread says, I picked up my little babe on Friday, and her sister is left (there was just two in the litter) :)
The breeder is not advertising them as she wants them to go to a chi lover and believes word of mouth is the best advert. I went to see them, and I was blown away by how calm they both were. My little Biba has been an angel (so far :? )
Chilover-london said:
hmm just read your huge heading saying smoothcoat.. :oops:
is she still available? How old is she? Which city is the breeder based from? Soz again
No worries, I often get so caught up in looking at the piccies that I forget all about the details too!

I am also London, and the breeder is in Oxfordshire, so the journey is about 1 and a half hours. She is just over eight weeks, and weighed 1.3oz on Friday when I picked up my girl. They are very small pups, but have been vet checked and given 100% OK :)

pm me if you want me to send you any piccies, or give you the breeders details :) , it would be great if Bibas sister could go to a home where someone is going to spoil her :D
Im so glad more people are joining from the UK!!
Im from London too,
Theres quite a few of us now and some living on just the outside!
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