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Gadget likes a whole variety of snacks but I cut these snacks up into bite size pieces and have a bowl in the bedroom and a bowl on the computer desk . I use them for training and for good boy treats. I mix them up in the bowls so that he never knows which one he gets and he never gets bored with them.

Canine Carry Outs Grilled chicken strips
Beggin’ Strips Cheese and Bacon flavor
Hollywood Stars Liver Treats
Milkbones Bakery bites Baconchip ‘n Cheese
Puparoni sticks
Beef & Cheese Flavor Snausages in a blanket

These treats are usually given at night to chew on during tv time.
C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews
Talk to me treats Fresh breath & dental care bones Mint flavored

And his favorite popcorn with mom at bedtime.

He also gets peanut butter in his kong.. he loves it… I usually give it to him when we go shopping and I have to leave him in his bag. Than it keeps him quiet and occupied

he likes cauliflour and apples too.

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Lina has played with toys since we got her, but we had to teach her how. She loooves her rope toy and her many plushies.

For treats I usually give her mother hupboard (sp?) and she likes those. She doesn't much care for any other kind of treat. Except people food which I have stopped giving her a lot of cause I'm afraid she'll get fat lol
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