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I have a 6-year-old chihuahua who started sneezing 2.5 years ago during the summer. At first I thought it was a cold (which he has had before), but he never stopped. It is worse in the spring.

I have antihistimes, but when I give him a big enough dose to work, he gets sleepy. I found a homeopathic vet online who sounded very confident that he could help, but after several months, three "remedies" and a couple hundred $$s, there was NO change. THEN I went the various dog food routes, including Eagle Pack, and NO change. I currently have him on Nutro Ultra weight maintenance b/c he also has some weight issues.

He sleeps in our bed and I'm sooo tired of him blowing dog snot everywhere :(. And they are wet sneezes. I also have a baby who crawls around on the floor and this issue is driving me crazy.

Is there ANYTHING I can do? I really want to go the natural route. I will not put him on steroids.

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