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so close....but not quite

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Pixie has been doing the weirdest thing lately. She was doing really well with the litter box training. The past couple days though she will jump up, run to the litter box to go, but only put her front paws in the box. The back end of her is still on the floor and so she has accidents directly next to the box. I hate to yell at her because she is going to the box but she just doesn't want to get all the way in. It looks so cute but I can't figure out why she is doing this now. Is she just being lazy because after she made the effort to walk to the box she doesn't want to get all the way in. It is the stangest thing. Anyone else's chis do this?
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When we took Pedro travelling with us, he used a box with newspapers. He really didn't like this! Even when he got use to it, it seemed like he would hold his poo until the last possible moment (i.e his little bum was portruding out!!!). I think dogs just dont find it natural to pee or poo in the same area. Also they prob instinctively like grass (mine will not pee or poo on hard floor unless he just can't hold it any longer!). You puppy will probably get it in time. maybe keep picking her up and moving her into the litter when she is mid pee or poo??
Marcus does that all the time. I don't know why but better close than not at all. :)
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