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I took Jaxx up to the leasing office this morning to pay the other $250 of the pet deposit unfortunately this $250 is not refundable but he is worth it. Our apartment complex is very pet friendly and the property manager LOVES dogs. When we walked in she got excited to see Jaxx and told him she had a Christmas present for him. So he got 2 new chewie things for Christmas from the Apartment complex.
When we came home I gave them to him and he went right to chewing away. I figured it was a good time to wrap his presents. (I know it is silly to wrap dogs presents but, I have always had presents for my dogs and let my BF open them for them while holding them on his lap on Christmas morning.)
Jaxx loves it when I wrap gifts and I figured he would stop chewing and come to try to chew on the gift wrap or find some boxes to chew on.
I was wrong....
I took all of the new toys out of the packaging so that on Christmas morning he could go right to playing. While I was sitting on the floor wrapping the first gift he sneaked up behind my back and took one of the other gifts and went and hid it in his bed. I figured that out and went and took the toy and started wrapping that one.
Low and behold ....when my back was turned he took another one of the toys but this time he decided he wanted to hide it where I might not find it and put it under our bed. I have never even seen him go under the bed before because he usually seems to be scared of going under things. If I throw one of his toys under the bar stool or something similar when we are playing fetch he refuses to get it.
After approximately 30 minutes of looking for the toy I finally found it.
I then decided to stand up and wrap the rest of his toys but, I could not help laughing at him because he was bound and determined he was going to get those toys today. I really wanted to give them too him too just because he was being so cute. At least I know he will enjoy them come Christmas morning. (I really wish I had my camcorder on my phone going as he was sneaking away with the toys because I am sure he was adorable!)
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