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ok so after some issues with the breeder of that cute little chocolate chi (including her taking 3 deposits on him and then asking me to send one too *growls* so glad i follow up on ALL references)
the chocolate was ckc (questionable as he was the first registered dog (parents dont have to be registered for the pup to be registered so no pedigree or healht history)
after talking to her for some time it also seemed a little shady or unknowledgable, the pup looked much older than 6weeks (more like 10-12 weeks) and she inssited that only delta ship and that theyll only ship if the weathers under 80 because their cargo area isnst climate controled (i contacted delta to find this was incorrect and they have pressurized climate controled areas specially for the shipping of live animals.)
he looked older and his eyes a little weepy in one pic, so i was having my doubts...she also stated that the flights dont allow anythign to be sent with them or on their crates, this too was shady as vixie came with a sample of food, her ack paperwork vets records, a collar harnes and leash and a small bag of treats attateched to the crate AND inside was a blanket with her home scent on it a toy and a chewy.
i began looking again and stumbled (literally) on this little man. which cinched the deal that i wanted this man instead.

hes gonna be medium to long coat, this pic doesnt show it very well but another pic he sent of him shows he will be pretty much a very full coat when hes older but for somereason it wont save as jpg and i cant post bmp here...

so heres the litle man, hes cheaper then the chocolate (even though hes akc, as well as aca and ckc eligable)
hes 7 weeks old and shes gonna find a flight for me for probably as soon as next week...
and hes 13oz (hes gonna be pretty small) but looks realy healthy as hes stocky pudge and bright eyed.
shell also send all his paperwork with him and the same things i got with vixie...
and hes just TOOO cute, i love his stocky little body
this breeder comes with shining veterinary and personal references also.

what ya think?!

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i worry too but he'll actually be closer to 9weeks (he'll be 8weeks tomorrow) and ive delt with shipping hundereds of times, hes also flying continental which has constant monitiored cargo and will only be a 2 hr flight. so he wont be alone at all.

when he flies is comepltly up to the breeder if she thinks hes ready then i have no fear, she too has delt with shipping many times and has been breeding for 30 yrs shipping via continental since the beginning. (i even called continental and asked if they had records of her shipping as you can never be too certain and they checked and confirmed shes been shipping wiht them for years and never had a problem.) Dont worry i am as petrified as you all are lol, hell even having him driven over her would frighten me but belive me this is no light spur of the moment thing for either of us lol.

and he'll have to be cleared ready for transport by the vet anyways so it might be another couple of weeks yet depending on everything.

all i know is hes cute and i cant wait...

oh and i say hes 14 oz right now but he hasnt been weighed in a few weeks and chis grow quite quick during this stage so im expecting him to be around 1lb right now.

thanks for the concern. I freek out every single time, 8weeks 18weeks 8years, its never any different.

*update from breeder* hes now reliably used the pad every time today ON HIS OWN (so proud) and hes 85% reliable at telling them he needs to go outside too (she has a screaned porch so by outside i mean still contained and away from any nastystuff) so he'll be pad trained and outside trained which will be nice (vixie wont pee unless shes got a pad there to do it on lol) im sooo excited he sounds like such a doll, already independant and smart and 'beating up the cat' (a good sighn from my point of veiw as hell be able to stand his ground with vixie) shes also already started doing play train sessions and hes almost got sit and down, shes impressed with how fast hes learning as in her own words "my other males have been a pain in the toosh to train" lol.
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