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Yesterday my son saw the neighbors dog outside and wanted to go see her. I knew Daisy would have a fit if I left her inside, thank goodness Rocki doesn't have these fits. So I put her harness on and took her over.

We transitioned to the back yard so my son could play on the play thingie. Well Chloe started sniffing at Daisy. Daisy wasn't going to have any of that so she hide between mommys legs and started growling. I told her NO! growling and stepped away from her. This went on for a while.

Once Daisy I guess felt safe she started sniffing Chloe and visa versa. Than it happen Daisy started whinning for her to play. I praised Daisy to let her know she was a good girl.

And thats when my son decided he wanted to go back home.

But I was shocked by her behavior and so very very proud of her. :daisy:
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