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Perfect adorable Gemma!!!
I carry Kalisee to places that are busy so she can get used to it..shes pretty scared of everything outside!
Carrying her is only going to get her used to one thing - being carried.

She can't become acclimatised, socialised and at one with her environment when she's being carried.

If places are busy, my body language lets people know to watch where they heck they're going (and if body language doesn't, my mouth certainly does, "Excuse me, excuse me, puppies coming through" in a loud & authoritive voice, they soon darn well move their butts) and, anyway, with my pups walking on my left side, and me walking hard left on the pavement, no-one is going to walk into or over them 'coz they're to my right if they're on-coming foot traffic.

I command complete right of way over every mortal thing when I've got pups on leads, the world can wait for us and jolly well stay out of our way.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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