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Hi everyone

I haven't been on here much recently, got so much work to do for my business, but I just HAD to take a couple of mins to come on and post this!

Max passed his Bronze good citizen award a few months back and we've been going to the Silver classes for the last couple of months. We were told the test would be next Weds and we can't make that week so didn't think he'd be able to take it this time. So anyway, we got to class last night and it turned out they had told me the wrong date and it was actually test night! I panicked as if I had known I would have done more training and I hadn't even read the sheet to prepare for the questions they ask as part of the test!!

Well we took the test and we passed! I still can't believe it as I was certain we wouldn't get to take the test until the summer!! I'm so proud of my little boy!!

Here's our certificate :)

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Lianne that's great news!!! And well done to Max! :) so proud of him!

How does the silver differ from the bronze? Xx

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Thanks Rachel! :)

Here’s a shortened version of what we had to do (a lot of the exercises are similar to the bronze, just made more complicated):

Exercise 1 - Play with the Dog (As we didn’t know it was test night we didn’t have a toy with us so I used a glove!! :p)
Demonstrate that the dog will play with its handler.
Play should be under the handler’s control and if it involves articles they should be readily given up by the dog.

Exercise 2 - Road Walk
The handler and dog should walk along a pavement, execute a turn, then stop at the kerb where the dog should remain steady and controlled.

Exercise 3 - Rejoin handler

Having left the dog and moved approximately ten paces away, when directed to do so, the handler should call
the dog. Having rejoined, the dog should stop close to the handler in any position, the lead shall be replaced.

Exercise 4 - Stay in One Place for Two Minutes
Upon instruction, having quietly dropped the lead, the handler will move a distance of five paces away for a period of two minutes. The dog must stay in the position it is left in.

Exercise 5 - Vehicle Control (Kind of easy for a Chi as you can just lift them in!)
The object of this exercise is for the handler to get the dog in and out of a vehicle in a controlled manner.

Exercise 6 - Come away from Distractions

The handler should take the dog, on lead, to a gathering of people with dogs also on lead. When instructed to do so, the lead should be removed and the handler should walk or run away calling the dog, which should return without delay and be placed on the lead.

Exercise 7 - Controlled Greeting

The Examiner will greet the dog as they may do when entering a house. A dog that does not jump up will pass.

Exercise 8 - Food Manners
Food should be handled or consumed while the dog, on a loose lead, is taken in close proximity to it. The dog should not unduly respond to this temptation, i.e. not to beg for food or steal.

Exercise 9 - Examination of the Dog
The object of this exercise is to demonstrate that the dog will allow inspection of its body by a stranger as might be undertaken by a veterinary surgeon.

Exercise 10 - Responsibility and Care
The object of this exercise is to test the knowledge of the handler on specific subjects relating to owning a dog.

It was a stressful hour but so worth it :) And on the plus side, the fact I didn't realise we were doing the test meant I didn't get chance to stress about it all day yesterday!!:p

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Yay awesome job Max & mum!!! :cheer: :foxes_207: :hello1:

Now we shall celebrate with pictures of handsome Max!!! :p Come on mama bring on the cutesy wootsy pictures of our good boy!!! :toothy8:
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