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So, this has been bugging me for a while. I studied psychology in college, and I am interested in how people think. And now, dogs, haha. I never did dog psychology, :p. I just wish I could get into Daisy's head and see what she sees.

I doubt anyone can answer for sure, just seeing if anyone has any ideas.

1) What does D see herself as? I've let her look at herself in the mirror, does she see herself as different to me and the rest of my family (and all of the other people she's met)?

2) How does she think? When I say the word 'grandad', she gets soooo excited, her ears go back and she looks for him. Is she does recognising the sound of the word? Or does she see a picture of him in her head?

3) When she's chewing a treat, or a toy, she sometimes talks (she's quite vocal). Is she trying to 'talk', like she hears us talking?

There were more questions, but it's typical, I can't remember them all right now. :foxes15: I'll comment if I think of the others.

Thankyou to anyone who can give me any more insight into her mind :daisy:

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Charlotte, you know I think of similar things too.
I always strive to understand dogs better, in order
to improve our relationship and to ensure I am sending
the right message to them, as well as understand what
they try to convey to me. I think dog psychology is much
different from ours. I think they live a simpler life, in a sense
that they live in the NOW, not in the past or future. I think
sight and sent are most important communication ways to
dogs, there is no doubt in my mind that they use/respond to sound,
but I don't think it is as important to them as it is to us. I think
overall dogs are a lot less complicated than us humans. I think
people often try and compare dog behavior to our own, but in
my opinion it is two completely different things, something might
mean one thing to us, yet another thing to them. We just do not
see the world the same. Personally I think instead of us trying to
constantly make our dogs human, we should observe them closer
and learn from their ways instead. They are much wiser in so many
ways. We can do all the studies we want, but imo we will never full
grasp their way of thinking, their way of living.

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I'm not sure about your particular questions, but I firmly believe that some dogs can and will pick up human behavior traits. For instance, my border collie will tap me very very gently on the shoulder with her paw while I am sleeping if she need to wake me. Just like a person would do so as not to startle the sleeper. And then there is the way they learn to communicate to us certain things they need/ want....I honestly don't know how anyone would want to be with out (wo)mans best friend! :)
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