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So worried !!!!

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Monday is Blue's vet appt to see if leg has healed i am so worried because if it didnt he will need a $1,500 SURGERY my vet said he should be fine.This has been a long month try to get a 5 month old puppie to stay off his leg. :(
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:shock: I must have missed what happened to Blue. Did he brake it?

My Mr. Peepers broke the same leg while running around the house when he was 6 months old. We don't know if he jumped off the bed or whacked it on his crate while jumping on the bed. He had to have a $1200 surgery to fix it. It healed very well and in no time he was back to his normal self. My sister's dog broke her same leg, a week later and had it casted and she healed perfect too. I am wondering if Mr. Peepers even needed the surgery. :?
Two days before i pick him up from the lady who use to own him and could no longer take care of him. He jumped out of her arms for a treat and came down on it wrong . She told me it was a spring :evil: well i called the vet my self and they said it was a break :twisted: by that time i fell in love with him so my vet said it should heal with a cast on it i am keeping my fingers cross for Monday.
Hope Blue is ok on monday , I'm sure he will be just fine :)
He looks one great little lad :)
I hope he gets a good report. I know you will both be glad for him to get that cast off. Good luck!
We feel your pain... Cooper just had knee surgery and I've been crazy the whole time he's been recovering. Fortunately for him, the vet says dogs won't do anything they can't do (i.e. jumping off things, running on the bad leg) and keeps reminding me that Cooper has 4 legs so if he can't use one of them while he heals, it's not a big deal.

Cooper doesn't think it's a big deal either ... he's hopping all over the house like a rabbit and when he walks "slow", he puts the foot down and slowly walks on it.

Me, on the other hand, I'm a complete nutcase. I spend my days saying things like "ooohh... careful" and "ohmygosh wait for mommy". But Cooper doesn't care - he just keeps on trucking.

I hope your little one recovers as well as Cooper is doing - and that you aren't driven crazy in the process. :D
Keeping fingers crossed for Blue. Let's hope he gets a clean bill of health so both of you can relax. :)
I will keep positive thoughts for good news for Blue :wave:
I hope everything goes well for your baby....

Fingers, hands, feet, and paws are crossed... :D
Awwww....poor Blue. Hope everything goes well, keep us posted how the vet visit goes. BTW...I love his coloring. My grandparents had a blue that looked a lot like him only he had tan markings. Very cute!
Really hoping things go well for your dear wee boy.
Awww...poor Blue. I'm hoping his leg is all healed and no further surgery is necessary.
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