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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Bloomington, IN – August 3, 2005 -- Dog Condoms, Inc.
is announcing a voluntary recall of its Dog Condoms® canine prophylactics, due
to an unacceptable failure rate reported during preliminary release in test
markets. Use of these recalled condoms may result in unwanted canine pregnancies.
Additionally, meat-scented Dog Condoms® may present a choking hazard, especially
for smaller dogs.

These condoms were sold to consumers in limited test markets after May 1, 2005.
The Dog Condoms® affected by this recall include all Dog Condom® products released
to market, including Small, Medium, and Large Canine sizes, in both the lubricated
and meat-scented varieties.

Initial clinical trials with training veterinary staff yielded good results for
Dog Condoms®. The statistics for incidents of unplanned conception for unaltered
canines using the condom while engaging in mating behavior represented less than
.5% of the clinical sample group. However, the success of these veterinary trials
did not carry over into their use by dog owners in test markets. Following three
months of limited consumer trials in seven test market cities across the U.S.,
consumers using the product reported 102 incidents of unwanted pregnancies
resulting from apparent failure of Dog Condoms® products.

Another 15 consumers reported choking incidents resulting from animals attempting
to ingest Dog Condoms® meat-scented condoms. No fatalities were reported as a result
of the choking incidents, but medical intervention was required in 4 cases.

Dog Condoms® researchers are currently investigating the cause of the product
failures. It is not yet clear whether the product failed to perform correctly in
these cases as a result of flaws in design, material, or manufacturing, due to
faulty quality control, or if the failures resulted from incorrect use of Dog
Condoms® by consumers. The recalled product lots will be carefully analyzed to
determine if faulty materials were a factor. If this is the case, the company
will address the flaw at the appropriate stage of the production process to
insure the integrity of the product.

If it is found that the product failure was a result of dog owner error,
additional study will be done to address issues of ease of use and consumer
education. If necessary, Dog Condoms® products may undergo a redesign to make
them more user-friendly and reliably functional. Additional focus groups may
be used to test the efficacy of the products’ labeling and written instructions
for use.

All Dog Condoms® meat-scented products will be discontinued indefinitely. The
products in question were sold in the following cities: Baltimore, MD;
Richmond, VA; Omaha, NE, Providence, RI; Baton Rouge, LA; Sioux City, IA; and
Madison, WI. The manufacturer has notified stores in all test markets of this
recall and requested that all Dog Condoms® products be pulled from shelves
immediately and returned to the manufacturer. Consumers who purchased Dog Condoms®
products may return the unused portion of the product to the place of purchase,
where they will be refunded the value of the sale, or mail the product to the
manufacturer with proof of purchase for reimbursement. Dog owners who received
samples of Dog Condoms® products from their veterinarian are asked to return any
unused product to the vet who distributed it. All veterinary offices that received
shipments of Dog Condoms® products have been notified of this recall and are advised
to discontinue distribution of the products and return them to the manufacturer

Until this issue has successfully been resolved, no further market trials are
planned, and Dog Condoms® products will not be made available again to the public
until further notice.

So, do you follow your dog around and put it on at the "appropriate" time?

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Geezus criminy.

If I actually see anyone buying those things at any time in any location, I'm going to slap them upside the head and ask them what they are thinking.

Then I'll slap them upside the head again for being stupid.

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LOL, I sent the link to my bf, and this is what he wrote back...

Yea, they do sell them… I had some for a while, ….but I got rid of them because I kept choking on them.

:laughing6: :laughing8: :laughing3:

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i sent it to my breeder and she replyed "I don't even want to know what fool you got this from b/c there crazy for buying these"
so when i told her that i'd buy some she said "i'm calling the people to come pick you up right now and anyone who would buy them!"

lol soo reading these post who's come'n with me! cooper you come'n?

first i find out that dogs can masterbate NOW they got dog condoms, meat scented! god! :roll:
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