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When the vet gives you the okay to bring her out in public try taking her to PetCo or any other store that allows dogs.
You can also take her to the local store and just sit outside it and let her watch all the people go in and out.

Another great way to socialize is to go to puppy classes. If the instructor doesnt already have a segment of class dedicated to socialization you can always ask for them to add it in...basically you play "pass the puppy" and this gets them use to being with other people while getting treats and lots of love at the same time.

My girls are slightly shy, but they are very good compaired to some toy breeds I have seen. I took them all the way through advance obedience classes, mostly for the socialization.

Also bring your pup to family and friends homes, who ever you trust. and let your chi explore new surroundigs and new people.

As long as you start young and stay consistant and keep the social experiences positive you should have a well adjusted chi :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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