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You may remember a few weeks back I posted about my uni/career woes.

The update is I went and saw my head of departmemt last week and as of next year I can and will be completing my degree externally, Majoring in Journalism and now Sub Majoring in English.
Work (Big W) is giving me heaps more hours (20+ for last week) and Ive also scored a casual babysitting job.
My sister, who is a vet nurse, told me yesterday the surgery she works at will need three new vet nurses at the end of the year when I will be needing full time work. So Im going in there to volunteer this week and in between now and the end of the year I may score some casual work with them. Ill do the vet nursing whilst I complete my degree and a post graduate degree and Ill be working with my sister biggrin.gif

I am so stoked about all of this :D For the first time in a long time I am looking towards my future career wise with a smile on my face and and excited feeling in my belly and I am loving it! I have not felt this happy in over a month now.
All this stress and worrying was bringing on my depression and I cried myself to sleep so many nights from it but now I go to sleep with a smile on my face :)

Thank you all for your support :wave:
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