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Some new pics of the guys!

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Here are some new pics of Taco & Buster:
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All I see is Taco, but he's a cutie too :) I loooove chocolate chihuahuas!! Sooo adorable!
Lovely pics. :lol: He's sure got his eyes on something in the first pic and I love that pose in the last pic. :p
What a stunning little man you have there. I love the first picture!!!!
Sorry.......I thought the pic of Buster was in this thread but it's in the one that says "More pics of the guys" Thanks so much........he was having a bug moment.......he goes berzerk if one gets on him. hehe
Taco is such a cutie. I love his eyes and his ears!

Your Taco is a very regal and handsome Chi!! Pretty color!! :)

what handsome pics! he looks sooo shiny! his color is great!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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