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This week is suppose to be rain from Tues-Fri
so today I did some planting with Jasper (who
was not so helpful:D) and I also
planted some grass seed. Jasper's
contributions ranged from running
really fast and jumping up to knock
over a moose planter I have (apparently
Jasper has issues with it:D),digging
up the hay on top on the grass seed,
jumping in the middle of my rose garden
(we had black dirty paws after that
little escapade:eek:) and last but not least
Jasper sat on the lawn all tired out
and posed for a few pictures next
to his 1st flowers. I have learned today
that planting the rest of my gardens
will be an adventure this year

Here are a few pics I got..
I wish I had the camera available
for all of the puppy mischief.

Yes he is licking the dirt!

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