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Some really nice Merle's

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this is a link to a lady that raises some excellent Merles. Her dog Razzle Dazzle is one of the top breeding blue merles. I'm hoping to get a good female to breed to him next year. Oh and to whoever it was that was asking, No, brindles and merles are not the same.
Edited cause I can't spell tonight.
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Wow, what beautiful lil pups^^I love that blue one! All dogs are beautiful but these guys really stand out!! :D
:shock: Those are the cutest Chi's! I loved visiting that site. :D
I like merle chi's, esp those puppies...they are beautiful!! Those are such cute pics :D
I love the little chocolate pup at bottom center of the home page. I've watched this site because I'm thinking of a little sister for Frasier after I'm moved and settled. I'm hesitant because he's a big rough boy who plays like a wild thing with his kitty brother. So, a rescue dog about the same age and size might be a better choice.
id absoloutley love a little merle pup you cant get them over here and it would so be my dream chi i think they are so so pretty i so wish i could get one
Very cute little angles :angel8: :angel13: :angel8:
I wanted this boy really badly, but he's $800 and out of my price range. :cry: He's from the same breeder as Tansy, and he's such a good dog, but just too expensive for us.
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