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Some suggestions

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I have som suggestions on new main topics. I think its easyer to find what i am looking for when there are many main subjectser,and also its easyer not to post the same topics over and over again :D

1. Birthdays Here everyone can post when there chis or them self has birthday and we can congratulate and celibrate them a little :D and so on

2. Chi mixes Here anyone with a chi mix can tell about there dog and what mix it is and post pics of them, or people can tell about chi mixes hey have hourd of and post picks if they have :D and so on

3. Showing Here people cn talk about shows,where they have bin showing, what the judges said about there dog,otheres that are new can ask questions about showing :D and so on

4. Food talk Here people can talk about what food there chi likes and dislikes, change recipies of dog food and threats, discuss what food brand is the best :D and so on

5. Chi and other animals Here people can come with there expiriens on how chi go along with other animals then dogs :D and so on

6. Pedigrees Here people can post there chis pedigrees (if they have one) Then people can check if there dog is relatet to some others in here :D And so on

7.Breeding partners Here people can search for partners to there chis :D and so on

8.Fun chi stuff Here people can post jokes,pics and other fun chi stuff :D and so on

9. Home pages Here people cn post there chis home page adress so its easy to everyone to see them :D

10. Puppy talk Here we can discuss the importent puppy time and exchange expirienses :D And so on

Just some ideas from me :D
Sorry about my sometimes poor english :oops:

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Anette, I was the person who started the birthday thread and up until now, everyone has seemed to like it the way it stands.I just think its nicer for the birthday person or Chi to be wished a happy birthday spontaneously by us all, instead of having to post on their birthdays to inform everyone.Surely its much nicer to get a surprise on your birthday? :shock:

Perhaps everyone should take a vote on this and decide if they want me to stop remembering everyone's birthday.I know I have been away for a while but I noticed that Nathalie did a great job in remembering to post the Happy Birthdays.
I wanted a showing section on the forum but on discussing it the board is allready long enough without adding more sections, but everything you have suggested we have on here anyways :

1. Birthdays - general chat

2. Chi mixes - chi chat , chi pics etc we do not exclude mixes we think of them as much chi as a pure breed

3. Showing - I would like a showing section but at the moment we discussit in chi chat

4. Food talk - chi questions, chi chat and chi products

5. Chi and other animals - chi chat and articles

6. Pedigrees - couild go in chi chat but no one has posted a pedigree as of yet

7.Breeding partners - breeding and breeders forum

8.Fun chi stuff - chi chat

9. Home pages - chi profiles

10. Puppy talk - chi chat, chi questions and chi articles
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i don't think we need to vote on the birthday subject ...i think it's great as it is .....i 'm happy you are back though,Camilla :wink:

kisses nat
I know u have all those topics..
I just tought it would be easier to find what you are looking for when its more serperatet :D
Did not know about the birthday part :oops: Sorry :(
no its fine we welcome new suggestions and ideas - but if we had a section for everything we would be scrolling down the board forever and its hard enough to moderate with the few we have let alone another 10 more lol :lol:
xx-nathalie-xx said:
i don't think we need to vote on the birthday subject ...i think it's great as it is .....i 'm happy you are back though,Camilla :wink:

kisses nat
Thanks Nat and thanks for doing the posts while I was away! :D :D :wave:
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