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some things aren't meant to be. ain't that the truth

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i never did find that chi i was searching for a week or so ago. he is elusive. i still have people keeping an eye out for him, but no one can catch him. i've been leaving food out where i seen him last. not sure what is eating it i can only hope he is :(

my breeder has a little boy that i am in love with for sale. she decided not to use him for breeding (he's blue and white and some of her bitches have the blue gene in them and they already have blue puppies in almost every litter.) so i had the oppurtunity to snatch him up, and i would have IF i didn't quit my damn job. my savings is near depleted. i didn't think it would take me this long to find work. i've had good leads and recomendations from one of the head vets where i worked but no call backs yet... i'm frustrated and stressed out soooo bad. i owe on my phone bill, rent (thankfully i rent from my mom and stepfather) and i don't have enough to get my medicine (i have real bad reflux and no insurance.) no problems with food in the house though so that is good. chiwi has food and me and kylie have food. how could i have been so stupid to leave a job and not have another lined up. damn it. (sorry didnt' think this was going to turn into a complain post...) anyways, all signs are pointing towards me not getting another chi so i'm going to stop torturing myself with the looking.
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awwww maybe your breeder will hold onto him for a few weeks until you get a job if you ask her or maybe if you explain the situation and that you could put a small deposit on him and then pay the rest later Im sure if she trusts you she would rather him go to a good home and have the money later, Im sure it will all work out for you - good luck and keep us posted :wave:
isn't he soooo cute! him and chiwi would look so cute together!!! these 2 pics they are about the same age give or take....

i'm going to e-mail her and ask if she could work with me on it. i'll even work retail again until a vet job opens up for me!
skyler is really cute and i love his name !!!
maybe you can try ozzysmom's advice and talk to the breeder?

kisses nat
xx-nathalie-xx said:
skyler is really cute and i love his name !!!
maybe you can try ozzysmom's advice and talk to the breeder?

kisses nat
oh he is so handsome i posted the wtrong pic before, he was younger in the first one, i edited it and you can really see how awesome he is!!!
he's really beautiful !! is he black and white?? i love black and white chi's they are so unusual ......
i hope for you everything works out !!
good luck jobhunting :wink:

kisses nat
He is so cute! Mandy, I'm so sorry you are having it so rough. Have you ever thought about just calling and asking for your old job back???? I know it is hard, but sometimes you have to "Just do it"! My son quit is job a couple of years ago in the heat of the moment. The next day he realized he had made a big mistake(has a temper). He called his boss and told them he was sorry he acted so quickly, they told him to come on back!

Just a thought...... :)

he is adorable lets hope the breeder will work with you :wave:
Oh wow, he is adorable! I hope you and the breeder can work something out. :)
nathalie: he is blue and white.........

sandra: my manager didn't like me cause of personal reasons i guess and also cause i pointed out to many "problems" that she actually ahd to do something about ie- i made her work. god forbid!

i emailed the breeder this morning (she also has a pug pup that her friend is selling, she is a pug breeder and had to go on vacation so she said she would keep them there for her and sell them) i told her i might have someone interested in him and i said i was interested in skyler (a friend is also) and i also told her that it may not be possible for me to get him. i'll mail her again tonight (like i did with chiwi lol hounding her) so she knows i really like him!!! i will keep everyone posted, but i highly doubt he'll be mine :cry:
AW he is a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope u can work it out too! Shoot get a job at McD's do anything!!
i wonder if i offer paymetn plans? would that offend a breeder?????
It is worth a try???? You never know....go for it! :) I do hope yo find a job soon.

He really is a cute thing. Hope all works out for you - if not, as you said, it just wasn't meant to be.

Good luck with your job search.
I'd sure like to see things work out for you because you're such a deserving person. Even if you don't end up with Skyler, there will be another little boy out there when the time is right. But just between you and me? I'd love to see you end up with Skyler. And the breeder must know what an awesome home that little guy would be getting with you. Anyway, I'm rooting for you. :)
Skyler is a real cutie! That would be awesome if you worked things out with the breeder. But, if not, then I'm sure the perfect chi will find you when the time is right.
i am so head over heels for this boy! when i went to see chiwi the first time the breeder showed him to me, he was such a tiny little thing and i was like oh my gosh, my jaw dropped i never seen such cuteness between chiwi and him i was dying! so sweet i almost went diabetic!!! and i said oh when he has his first litter i want a boy out of it! and now to see that i could have him instead! oh man. the breeder hasn't contacted me, i asked questions about the pug pup she has so i'll reply to her reply (so i don't hound her too bad with e-mails :oops: ) and i'll ask if i could make payments. quick everyone write me a letter of recomendation lol! (j/k...or am i?) :wink:
i did it. i asked her..... i'm waiting for a reply!!!!!!!!
Ok I have everything crossed for you...fingers, toes and eyes!! :lol:
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