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sometimes i hate my job

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Okay, long story short b/c its late and i need to work early...

Woman comes in with a 2yr old chihuahua who got attacked by another chihuahua. Her eye was completely stuck out....3x the size and black/smelling.
Bottom line is that the woman cannot afford surgery, but i told her i would offer to take the dog, get it the medical treatment needed, and then either keep her or adopt her out. She agrees

Come to find out we have a policy at work that forbids us from owning a clients dog and that the only way to do so is for them to sign a surender form from a rescue and then we can always foster/adopt.

She is probably going to put the dog down now. No kidding I swear it looks like Keeks (mia's dog) She was so cute and so time...only about 4lbs. I feel so bad for her and I was soooooooooooooooo close to having her...I was on my way to pick her up when my boss called me. My boss was nice about it, but god am i still pissed off. I mean this woman wants to save her dog and my work forbids us from helping.

I did give her the number to "HELP" which is a non-profit organization that takes surrendered dogs in, treats them, and turns around and adopts them. I just hope she calls them and does this.

Anyway I was crying earlier but now I am fine. I was more mad at my work for saying i would be fired if I did this.

On a lighter note the chihuahua who was missing for 2 weeks by me was found. I saw him today at work and he looked great. He was found 40min away from where he was lost....was actually caught and adopted to a new family but the family saw the add in the paper and did the right thing and called the owners. I got to put him in their arms today and I almost started crying right there with them....they thought he was dead.

Well I just had to rant about my day. Thanx for listening
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I completely understand, I would be so frustrated if I were you. I hope she calls that number that you gave her and she gets her dog the help it needs. :(
Sounds like what happened with Tiny. Our hospital has the same policy, but the rule is loosely followed as our hospital administrator bends rules all the time to accomodate for the health of an animal. Tiny was relinquished to the hospital, but when I gave my administrator the form, she crossed out the name of the hospital and wrote my name, smiled, and said "Anything you need for this dog is free of charge".

Perhaps you could call the lady back and work it out, outside of the hospital. Either this, or since she hasn't paid for anything, she is technically not a client. I would do everything I could to get control of the dog's situation, and deal with any other issues and red tape later. The dog needs an enucleation fast, and dogs in bad situations like these rely on people like you and me to save them.

I understand you hate your job some days, but the world needs people like you to care for those who can't speak. Keep your head up Angel, you are doing everything you can, and you are a great person.

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I give immense credit to you all that go this work, I dont know if I could handle it and I would end up with a house FULL of animals.....but for one sad thing Jess you had a happy one. :D

I agree with Nate find that loop hole girl and jump right thru it!!!!!!!
Lol I agree with Victoria, Just get her anyway you can , speak to your boss and say " so you would rather she be put to sleep than me be able to save her ?" if she cares about animals how can she argue ?

anyway keep up the good work girl you are brilliant and like Vic I to couldnt do it :wave:
i agree, try to find a loop hole! the policy where i USED to work :cry: was as long as they signed the dog over to us they were ours and anyone of us could adopt the animal. and when the dogs or cats were abandoned in boarding we would send out all the necessary paperwork and wait X amount of time if we didn't hear from them the animal legally became ours. we sometimes charged a euthanasia fee (the owners wanted the animal put down anyway so we made them pay the fee for it but kept the animal and adopted it out) that fee was to help with finds for the animal and all the other animals we had that we were adopting out..... the one dr. just did a mass removal on an iguana's eye, he was signed over to us the lady wanted to put him to sleep but he was healthy aside from a huge mass over his eye. so without getting paid for it the dr. operated and removed his mass..... i hope i find another place like that, they will do anything they could to help the animal.....
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That would be so frustrating - trying to help a dog and 'policies' say you can't. It's totally wrong in my opinion. Sorry to hear about that and I hope that lady does the right thing.
That is sad that you want to help, but policy forbids it. I agree, do it outside the hospital. I don't know how they could fault you for that.

I too have the utmust respect for all of you who work with animals. I know I couldn't do it - hats off to you.
Couldn't you have a family member or close friend adopt the dog (in name only) so you could gain control of it? I can't believe your employer would rather see an animal put down than bend a rule. That is vile. :evil:
Well i told the woman to take the dog to organization that takes in dogs and cats with medical problems, treats them, and adopts them. she did take her there and they did accept the dog! So I dont have her but that doesnt matter...what matters is that she is getting the treatment she needs and wil find a new home. also turns out she might be pregnant?! I am just happy she is being cared for/

Thanks all for the support....I now know the policies and the 'loopholes' to go through...bacically i need someone other then myself to take the dog, like a rescue or another person, that way it has nothing to do with me and if that person just so happens to give the dog to me...well theres no rule against that...just cannot be a client.
Angel5218 said:
I got to put him in their arms today and I almost started crying right there with them....they thought he was dead.
Just that alone had to have made it a worthwhile day. Such a nice ending to the story. :)
Yeah I liked that part. He was back at the vet today but it was because he was reacting bad to his meds (poor guy has seizures) All we had to do was balance out his meds and make sure he was stable. I am sure he will be going home tomorrow. I got to play with him all day today! Everyone at work knows to let me care for the chihuahua's who stay with us...its great to work with people who are totally understanding...we all know what animal we are most connected too and try very hard to let that person work with them...we love every animal that comes in of course but everyone has 'that one' that just pulls a little harder at the heart strings.
Angel, I know what it's like being the "chihuahua-guru" at the hospital =) It's a wonderful feeling to know you've done a great thing at the end of the day isn't it? Hopefully those good things balance out the unforgettable tragedies that do occur.
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