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soo frustrated

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this morning i was supposed to go to the post office to pick up a package but zoey held me hostage.

she fell asleep on my lap so i put her in her crate so that i could get ready to leave. immediately, she started with the whining. i ignored her for a while.... the whining got LOUDER! she was seriously distressed.

the little knucklehead was whining so loud i bet people on the other side of the world could hear her! i was afraid to leave her because i thought she might start barking. i let her settle down before i took her out... and now she's sleeping again.

anyone had anything like this happen? does this sound like separation anxiety? or is she too attached to me? it's weird because i've left her out in the living room -- or in her crate -- while i'm in my room before and she's been silent.

what am i gonna do with her! :oops:
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My three do this if we are not taking them with us, they keep on right up til when we have to go out, then i say as im shutting the front door 'quiet now,see you later, keep safe girls' and it goes quiet, the minute i put the key in the door when i come back its like the howling of the banshees, sooooooo loud, barking,whailing sqealing in excitement,then we greet them and it goes quiet and nearly back to normal.When they have been out with us and we all get home,when we unload shopping and them let them wee etc in the garden, they come back in and run and jump all over us as if to say where have you been all day and we missed you, its really funny!
colleen13 said:
the little knucklehead was whining so loud i bet people on the other side of the world could hear her!
Oh, so that's what I heard!! Just kidding! :) Actually, it does sound a bit like seperation anxiety. Or it could have been that she wanted to be extra-spoiled. If she does it again just make sure to ignore her and give her plenty of attention when you arrive home.
haha, i KNEW you could hear her!!! :lol:

i try so hard to ignore her.... it's just difficult sometimes because i live in an apartment and i dont want my neighbors to complain.

i'm hoping she was just having a bad day because i have left her alone in the living room about 4 times today and she's been silent. she'll follow me to my door and then when she realizes that i'm not coming back, she'll hop up on the futon and lay down. i'm wondering if i should just leave her on the couch when i have to go somewhere.... might be a bad idea because she isnt totally trustworthy yet! :roll:

i think she's just spoiled and was fussy today.... we're gonna take her to the park in a bit so she can get some energy out (not that she doesn't run around enough here. she has the zoomies at least 3x a day!!!)
Oh I know what you mean about living in an apartment - you do need to think about your neighbors. Maybe before you leave her alone, give her a toy to play with (not one that she has available all the time) or give her a rawhide or something to chew on. If I give Bosco a Kong he is happy as a clam for at least a 1/2 hour. By then he forgets that I left him. :) Good luck!
Auggie developed his own strange habit from the first day we ever left him alone.( About 45 mins to go eat and i was worried to death.) We came home and couldn't find him anywhere. Not in his bed or on the rug or by the couch. We went in the bedroom where he had not been going at all except to sleep in bed with us at nite. He was laying in the floor with his head on my flipflop asleep. It was so sweet. Even now after 7 months he always does that when we leave. :lol: :lol:
i gave zoey a NEW rawhide and she ignored it! i couldn't believe it. she LOOOOOOOVES them and she didnt want anything to do with it! i will try a kong next time-- she loves those too. good idea!

awww i love auggie! that's so precious that he found something that reminded him of YOU to help him fall asleep :)
Auggiesmom, you leave him out when you leave?
Last Monday my little boy had to go take his placement test at school. Well, the teacher called and said there was a cancellation and asked if I could bring Matt now. In my hurrying to get out the house I didn't close Mikey's kennel (I guess,unless the cats learned to let him out lol) good enough. When I got home here comes Mikey wagging his tail at the door. I searched all over the house and there was not 1 accident! He's 3 months old and I was gone for almost 2 hours! I was so proud of my little guy! :angel13:
what a good little boy mikey was!!! :) i wonder if zoey would be a good little girl! :roll:
Knock on wood Auggie hasn't done any booboos in the house for over 4 months now. Of course I normally take him out every 3 to 4 hours except at nite. The maximun time we have left him is about 4 1/2 hours and he was a good boy! :D
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