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Soon to be owner

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Hey Ya'll,

Tomorrow I'm going to look at puppies with my girlfriend.
She has wanted a Toy-sized Chi for the longest time; so I'm getting her one.

Neither of us have ever owned one. We basically have a few questions, and I appoligize if they have been asked before.

Okay 1st: How big does a typical toy-sized pup reach ?

Next, I've heard ugly rumors of the dogs temperment -- but I've thought that it's just how you raise the dog and it's environment... Do they really act as naughty as everyone says ?

Lastly, What should I look for in terms of how to tell if it's a good dog or not?
Like, Size, Color, Personality, etc?

Also, what kind of prize range should be acceptable. Keep in mind, I'm a 20 year old Soldier -- so, anything is too expensive for me, really ;) Haha. J/k

Thanks for any replies, I'd really appreciate it.

Nashville, TN
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Hi William and welcome to the forum

in answer to your first question it is a myth that there are different types of chi like toy or teacup - a chi is a chi and they usually range from 2-6 pounds but can go up to 11 pounds - there is no real way to tell when they are a little puppy what size they will get - even if you pick the smallest it doesnt mean it will stay that way :)

in answer to your 2nd question - like you said rumours :!: rumours arent the truth - the thing with chis is they tend to love just there owners and there immediate family who they see often - they are wary with strangers - but if you socilise them well and from an early age you will not have a problem - they are the most loving dog in the world to there mommy and daddy :)

and thirdly to tell the dog is healthy all depends on the breeder - make sure the breeder asks lots of questions about you and encourages you to do the same , the breeder should let you see where the dogs live and play , she should show you mom, she should give you a starter pack - including a few tins of the food the pup has been on and an up to date health record ie : about worming in fleaing , when you hold the dog it should fell sturdy - its eyes should be clear and its ears should be pink inside and free from odour or dirt and finally a good breeder will not sell the dog until it is 10 - 12 weeks old.

it is up to you what colour you like best and what temprement you like best

good luck and keep us posted

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Hi William! Good luck to you and your girlfriend during your Chihuahua search. :)

Answer to question #1) As OzzysMom said, Chi's are usually 2 - 6 pounds (or at least that is what the AKC recognizes in the show ring) but they can be double that and still be a full Chihuahua.

Answer to question #2) Socialization is the key word. As a puppy, you should introduce them to new people and new surroundings as often as possible. Obedience training also helps with this. They do tend to bond with 1 or 2 people and are extremely loyal to those people.

Answer to question #3) Ask the breeder if s/he has done any health screenings on the parents to reduce the risk of your puppy having any hereditary diseases. Also, in the following day or two of receiving your puppy, take it to the vet for a check-up.

Chi's come in all shapes, sizes, and colors --- and prices. ;) My Chi cost $500 which is an acceptable price in Illinois. You may be able to get one for cheaper in Tenn. Have fun picking the one that you like the best! :D Good luck and let us know what happens!
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In fact, mamajchis at this forum is in Tennessee and has sold puppies to some forum members who are very happy with her. I believe she charges only about $250 or so for her pups.

I almost got my 2nd dog from her myself. She has very beautiful puppies.
actually this might just be me but if someone is advirtiseing a chi as a "toy" or "teacup" i usually run away from that cuz usually that means they r going to add up the price a bit higher and they r trying to fool u...
Debi said:
actually this might just be me but if someone is advirtiseing a chi as a "toy" or "teacup" i usually run away from that cuz usually that means they r going to add up the price a bit higher and they r trying to fool u...

Everybody offers great advice and yes be careful of breeder that put UP their prices because their puppy is a "toy" or "teacup"...the toy term is a GENERAL TERM to call ALL small breeds it doesn't depend on the smallest of the litter...and the term teacup, shamelessly, some people give it to the RUNT OF THE make it appear exotic AND expensive...when in fact it might be the puppy that barely survived birth and is bound to be a sick puppy for the rest of its life...

:wave: Have fun searching for a great puppy! Follow the great advice in this forum and your gut instincts...oh...and WELCOME :D :D
Wow, I learned a lot here! Hey, I think it's great you're getting your girl a chi. Sooo cool! 8)

My dog cost $125 so there are some fairly inexpensive ones out there. Check the ASPCA and also the rescue centers.

Mine was full grown and weighed 10 pounds. He probably weighs 12 now because I can't resist letting him have a piece of cheese when he has been really, really good ....... which, of course, I think he is regularly! :angel12:
yes definately stay away from breeders who say words like toy, teacup,tiny, minature and pocket pup.........because a cvhihuahua is a small dog anyways it is just to get more money that breeders use these words.

please update us william :wave:
Great advice was given already so I just wanna say good luck and keep us posted on your search!!!
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