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Spacely eating - video

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I shot a short (1 min) video of Spacely eating his dinner this evening. He was eating cornish game hen, a section of ribs and back with chunks of meat.

Spacely eats on a place mat and despite him missing some teeth, you can see it doesn't slow him down. I didn't realize he still had his harness on...didn't notice it until I looked at the video :rolleyes:

If you listen towards the end, you can hear Tinsel crunching her pork neck bones in the background.

This is on Facebook but you don't have to be logged in to view it (or even a member)
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lol So sweet <3 I added you on facebook if you don't mind! Love having a ton of Chimama friends :D
Lucky Spacely! :p
That video made me hungry! :lol:
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