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not shared pictures of the furbutts in a while so thought i should post some recent pictures sparkles is getting big lol shes a cheeky little one lol think zac has met his match here anyway heres the pics


Sparkles sitting pretty

Sparkles and honey snuggling

sparkles new harness


romeo napping in my bed


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She is just tooooooooooo cute Mandy! OMG, I love the one of Romeo napping!!! LOL! Those made my day! :)

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Great pics Mandy....Sparkles is just a perfect little girl and I have really missed seeing your other fur butts. Love them all.
thanks laura awwww i know i should post pictures more often x

soooooooooo cute! i love chihuahuas!!!!!
thank you

Awwww Sparkles! I love her ears they are so big and cute!
And romeo looks so comfy! I haven't slept like that in a while LOL
thanks romeo does like his comfort hes such a snuggler

She looks the young lady now,great pics Mandy
thanks michele shes coming on great and i think zac has met his match lol

Love your pack especially Sparkles. What a gorgeous girl!!
thank you i was thinking shes actually quite like your handsome rocky :)

what lovely pictures, they are all gorgeous xxx
thank you lorri x
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