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Hey , many of you know that for over the last month ive kept saying "Im going to get her done next week!" well i still havent! not becuase i cant be "asked" or "Am too lazy" but mostly now as we have had to spend ALL out money on catch up books for school as if i didnt pretty much i would be in care (Long story most of you know!) well now i was wondering , as next week tillie will be 11 months and STILL hasent gone into season , would it be ok/good to wait in till AFTER her season or try and do it before? is there any dangers?

She wont be near male dogs as there isent any in my family but obviously on walks ect. im v confused! i just want the best for her! i had ALL the money ready but then they dropped that on us and so far ive spent £128 on books and my mum £60 :mad: it was a VERY hard decision between putting of the surgery and obviously the problems that may occur OR doing it and be likely put in care and then never see her so you can (Hopefully!) understand my decision!

Ive tried looking into support for low income families but tbh i dont know WHAT im looking for! any help would be SO appreciated! x
Barrow it from your friend you said just got way over millions dollars and stayed with you before she got her house, she paying you to clean it now just see if she will give your extra for Tillie. . She offered to give you money for staying with you and your mom. Tillie needs to be Spay.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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